Aizu Tsuruga Higashiyama head temple (by appointment only)

Please enjoy the Aizu finest horse sashimi and regional cuisine in a luxury floating main house-garden-pond

Horse stabbing with Aizu brand horse-Horsenabe, such as local cuisine, shop can enjoy the Aizu in the food!

Tsuruware (Aizu, Koriyama, Akasaka) of three stores head temple. Including Tsuruware famous horse sashimi belong to the entrance of the Higashiyama, you can enjoy live fish carp sashimi, live fish char penetration, such as the fresh river fish. Tearoom annex (AkiraShizuan) all private room, hearth 2 room (TakashiShizuan), we parted with saloon (Ribatei).
Luxury floating main house, garden, pond. Aizu of agricultural products and cherry cuisine, live fish. Vessel Aizu lacquerware.

Aizu sake, of course, pure rice sake of all Fukushima Prefecture 59 species Align the, best ingredients of Aizu, we will welcome in the cuisine. In addition, our shop day and night appointment has become a.

Chakaiseki Bettei Meiseian

Tearoom annex

Aizuwakamatsu Chakaiseki Bettei Meiseian
Aizuwakamatsu Chakaiseki Bettei Meiseian
Aizuwakamatsu Chakaiseki Bettei Meiseian
Chakaiseki 18,000 yen
Random Kaiseki 20,000 yen
※separately consumption tax and service charge

Kaiseki Jyuseian

All private & hearth 2 room

Aizuwakamatsu Kaiseki Jyuseian
Aizuwakamatsu Kaiseki Jyuseian
Aizuwakamatsu Kaiseki Jyuseian


Chef Random noon meal
completely private room 6 room
6,000 yen
Aizu Kaiseki
hearth room 2 room
8,000 yen


Chef Random course 10,000 yen
Hearth course 13,000 yen
Aizu Kaiseki 15,000 yen
Horse Kaiseki 15,000 yen
Handed sake teacher recommendation Aizu sake and marriage multi-course all-you-can-drink of Aizu local diet 25,000 yen
Snacks course(5 items from 4 items) 8,000 yen
※separately consumption tax and service charge

Aizu local diet and Horse Sashimi Ribatei (saloon)

Aizu local diet and Horse Sashimi Ribatei
Aizu local diet and Horse Sashimi Ribatei
Aizu local diet and Horse Sashimi Ribatei

Weekdays noon meal(eight cun, egg custard, miso soup, rice, pickles, Mizugashi, coffee)…3,500 yen(tax included)

Aizu Horse ShabuShabu

Horse Hiruzen Sashimi, Horsenabe, shabu-shabu, yakiniku
Aizu Jidori Zen Charcoal-grilled, HakoMushi
River fish Zen Char Sashimi, Char boiled with pepper, Char Salt-grilled, Carp boiled grapes

La carte

Aizu Local Food Koduyu

Aizu Local Food

Tsuruga of Aizu tradition Kozuyu 1,000 yen
Cooked homemade this Bodara 1,000 yen
Homemade pepper pickled 800 yen
Tempura buns 200 yen
Homemade Aizutakada plum 800 yen
Aizu Dengaku various 350 yen

Aizu Local Food

Horse stabbing three prime 2,500 yen
Best Horse stab 2,800 yen
Horsere if over stabbing 1,500 yen
Horse mane stab 1,500 yen
Horse spinal cord Ponzu (rarity) 1,500 yen
Horse eight prime two servings 4,000 yen
Katsu Horse 2,500 yen
Horse Nabe 2,500 yen

Fresh picking lively fish dishes

Live fish char sashimi 2,500 yen
Boiled carp of wine pepper 2,500 yen
Grilled char 1,000 yen

Noon banquet – Banquet of Ribatei

Aizu Higashiyama Geiko
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Aizu geisha of day feast
(Aizu Local Shokuzen with lunch)
at the curtain 12 and end 13 hours 30 minutes
5,000 yen
Satobatei Banquet
all-you-can-drink (up to 8 people to 50 people)
Sakura shabu Feast
10,000 yen
Satobatei Banquet
Fukushima Prefecture Sake Junmai the 59 all-you-can-drink
cherry shabu Feast
13,000 yen
* All-you-can-drink: 2 hours

Aizu learning travel student

Appointment Sakura Hiruzen 1,000 yen(tax included)


Goodness of goodness of Aizu sake.

Stocks pure rice sake of Fukushima Prefecture all Shuzo 59 species

Aizu Sake Zizake Nihonshu

Store Overview

name Aizu Tsuruga Higashiyama head temple
Street address Fukushima Prefecture Aizuwakamatsu Higashiyama-cho Oaza Ishiyama hospital 151
TEL 0242-23-8294
business hours Your choice of 11 am to you (by appointment only)
Regular holiday None
Facility Chakaiseki Meiseian (tearoom annex)
Kaiseki Jyuseian (all private room & hearth 2 rooms)
Aizu local food and Horse meat Ribatei (saloon)
Parking Lot There is free parking 20 passenger cars, two buses possible (reservation is needed)

access map

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